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Laboratory analyzers for water

Bench top laboratory pH meter.

Arasains Indonesia supplies the YSI pH1200 pH analyser which is easy to use with a large LCD screen. This instrument is a laboratory grade instrument which will give accurate results all the time. Calibration is a simple 1,2 or 3 point routine with automatic buffer recognition. An auto lock feature will hold readings once the display reach stabilization. Measure pH accurately in your laboratory with the YSI pH1200.

Ysi 3200 bench top conductivity meter.

Bench Top laboratory conductivity meter

The YSI model 3200 laboratory conductivity meter is an innovative instrument that give unmatched accuracy for ultra pure water analysis. It has a multi point calibration of up to 5 points. Measurements that can be made are conductivity, resistivity, salinity, total dissolved solids and temperature. This meter’s accuracy is due to YSI accurate resistance ratio technology where the instrument continually compares the resistance of the sample to a calibrated resistor in the circuit. The conductivity cells are NIST traceable with built in temperature sensors and exceed USP 24 specifications. YSI Indonesia also supplies conductivity calibration solutions. It has a 100 point data storage and logging. There is a selectable linear and non linear temperature compensation.
Conductivity cell constants from 0.001 to 100cm-1 are available to cater for a large measuring range.

 Chlorine meter

The YSI model 900 colorimeter is a rugged waterproof single parameter instrument for measurement of free chlorine and total chlorine. This equipment has 16 data sets of automatic data storage. The method used is the DPD method.

Chemical oxygen demand (COD) meter.

The YSI 910 colorimeter is a rugged single parameter instrument for the measurement of COD. This test is approved by the EPA and is a closed reflux unit dosed tube test. The tube has predosed potassium dichromate with catalysts to digest the organics. Testing is easy with pipetting a fixed volume of sample into the digestion tube and then inserted into the heating block. After 2 hours digestion the tube is inserted into the colorimeter to read the results.

Multi parameter analysis for water using colorimeter-YSI photoflex series

The photoflex line of colorimeters can be used to measure up 135 parameters for waste water and drinking water. Model photoflex std have a 85 preset method programme whilst photoflex pH has 135 preset programmes for your choice. The predosed chemistries are based on APHA standard methods.The colorimeter has fixed frequencies of 436,517,557,594,610,and 690 nm with an accuracy of ±2nm. Photometer resolution is 0.001absorbance. the parameters measured include aluminium, ammonium, chlorine, cod, copper, iron, Mn, molybdate, nitrite, nitrates, phosphate, silica, sulphate etc.

Laboratory instrument for BOD

Biological oxygen demand is the most often used to determine the degree of pollution in water. It is the amount in ppm of oxygen that bacteria in water needs to digest the organics in it at 20°C for 5 days. The YSI BOD instrument measures accurately the amount of oxygen consumed and is made specifically for the determination of BOD. This equipment is regarded as the work horse in BOD measurement. The YSI 5000 features a built in barometer that will alter the dissolved oxygen readings accordingly, a programmable auto stabilization, membrane intergrity function, bar code compatibility, and real time clock. The full featured YSI 5100 offers even greater performance and flexibility with a one button calibration and built in SOUR (specific oxygen uptake rate) software to meet USEPA 503 regulations and OUR (oxygen uptake rate). The microprocessor based YSI 5000 and 5100 BOD meter will store 100 data sets and connects with your computer with RS 232 link. For more advanced model using optical DO see <href> YSI Pro Plus series.
The BOD calculations can be easily done with the YSI BOD analyst desk top software. Simply connect to YSI 5000 to the PC and the software will take the initial and final DO readings and calculate the results. Set up samples groups and more regardless of seeding method, number of dilutions with the amazing software. Daily bench data sheets for QA/QC compliance and reporting or retrieve older data easily for review.

 Laboratory bench top multi parameter ISE –YSI TruLab model 1310

YSI Indonesia presents the YSI TruLab series of multi parameter bench top laboratory instrument. This series can be single channel or with 2 channels. The instrument has automatic documentation for GLP compliance and can be supplied with or without a printer. It can measure simultaneously pH, mV(ORP) and any ion selective electrode probe. Calibration are multi point for greater accuracy with a max of 5 point for pH and a max of 7 point for ISE electrodes. As such non linear calibrations can be made. The ISE measurement available are:

•    Ammonia
•    Ammonium
•    Bromide
•    Cadmium
•    Calcium
•    Chloride
•    Copper
•    Cyanide
•    Fluoride
•    Iodide
•    Lead
•    Nitrate
•    Potassium
•    Silver/Sulfide
•    Sodium


YSI MultiLab -- pH/ORP/Cond/BOD/ISE Meter for the Lab

YSI Webinar | Introduction to YSI Optical BOD Probe

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